Turn every mobile phone number into unique crypto account with DOLLAR

Every mobile phone number we can turn easily to the crypto wallet with the new DOLLAR Pay application.

Available to the public from Q4 2021.

Futures and benefits of DOLLAR Pay application


Easy sign up

To register a new account with DOLLAR Pay wallet will take less than one minute.


Secure & Safe

DOLLAR Pay wallet is non-custodial. You control your keys, you control your money.


Referral program

Get rewards for your referrals. Every new user will earn you 1 USD.

Earn money from advertisers

Every advert you will see will be rewarded by 90% of advertising costs.



Do you love shopping? Get ready for huge cashbacks, up to 50%.


DOLLAR Credit card

DOLLAR Credit card will give you possibility to pay everywhere in the world.


Zero fees

All transfers in DOLLAR Pay wallet will be without any fee charged.


DOLLAR unique names

With our DNS service you can own your unique address, e.g. myname.dollar.


Several crypto currencies

You can store also other crypto than DOLLAR in your wallet: BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, etc.


Social payments

Send money using Facebook or WhatsApp with a short message.



Want to sell or buy clothes, house or car? DOLLAR Market will be ready for you.


Hodl & Stake

Do you want make more money? Lock your DOLLARs in wallet for regular staking.

Modern look and functionality

Check out our next crypto projects to support DOLLAR development and large audience

WOMAN Finance

We just opened our first DeFi project called WOMAN Finance.

WOMAN Finance is a WOMAN Charity Token on the Binance Smart Chain.
A percentage of every trade goes to help selected woman charity organizations to help to fight violence and support diversity.

Each month our community votes to select the charity. All donations are public and can be verified.

Building own licenced crypto exchange

To support next DOLLAR future development we are building a new crypto licenced exchange together with a well known development company. The name of the exchange will be START EXCHANGE. The big opening is planned in Q3 2021. You can be a part of it with our open presale.


START EXCHANGE basic specifications

  • KYC: no KYC procedure needed up to 10k USD withdrawal value per day
  • Trading fees: very low or zero trading fees
  • Listing fees: starting at 35,000 USD per pair
  • Crypto pairs: DOLLAR, BTC, ETH, USDT
  • Fiat pairs: USD, CAD, AUD, HKD, EUR, CNY, JPY, GBP, KRW, RUB, etc.
  • Exchange token: own token START will be used for staking and covering listing fees
  • Staking: START Token staking reward will be 60% per year
  • Opening: Summer 2021

Make every month profit while you are sleeping with our DeFi project HODL & EARN

How about to earn every month 10% interest? When you compound your profits, your total interest can be up to 213% per annum.

HODL & EARN basic specifications

  • Inflation: there will be only 100 tokens minted every day for a period of 1 year
  • Total minted supply: 36,500 tokens
  • Interest minimal: 10% per month (30 days)
  • Interest maximal: 213.84% per annum - compound interest
  • Distribution: HODL & EARN tokens will be available only on START Exchange
  • Project start: Q2 2021